Katerina was born in Chania, Crete and was raised in a home where art was a way of life and artistic expression was encouraged. She studied ballet and theater throughout her childhood which led her to complete her degree in Theater Studies at Patra University, Greece.

In 1988, her parents Nikos and Eva Makriyianni opened “Technima”, a jewelry boutique –workshop specializing in unique, one of a kind designs which quickly became a highly succesful business.  Katerina’s love for the applied arts and her family’s legacy, led her to focus her own interests and career in the field of jewelry design and production. She pursued specialized courses in design and engraving at the L’ Arti Orafe University in Florence while running the family boutique and developing her own personal design style.

The idea behind the brand was born inside the Makriyianni family workshop where Katerina was introduced to the art of jewelry while she was trying to discover her personal style since her graduation in 2006.

Before the launch of her first personal collection Katerina was trying to find a way to combine the world of theater that she loves so much with the art of handmade jewelry that her parents taught her. To this empty canvas she brought her Greek heritage, the Cretan tradition that she was raised with, the love of art and design and her highly developed aesthetic sense.


In 2015 Katerina presented her first personal collection at the Paris Fashion Week in collaboration with Maria Kastani as global brand ambassador and as an incubator of the new brand. The worldwide journey began with the presence of the brand on Net-a-Porter, which was followed by significant stores worldwide such as Matches Fashion, Lane Crawford, Browns Fashion in London, Boutique1 in UAE, On Pedder in Asia, Jill Wolf Jewelry in Switzerland and many more to this day.





  It’s an in-house family affair

The factor that helped KM jewelry to become a well-known brand is not only its unique

character and new perspective in fashion jewelry but also its handmade style and the fact that Katerina and her team are involved in both the designing and manufacturing process in the Makriyianni family studio.

Katerina has managed to create a team that works like a family. The group that helps her includes girls that Katerina herself trained and introduced to the world of jewelry.

Every piece of metal, thread and fabric is cut, glued, stitched and ironed by hand. Various materials, techniques and knowledge are used to create a fusion of Cretan embroidery, silversmithing and chemistry with new technological methods.


From the very beginning the design that became a huge worldwide trend was the Big Red Fan Earrings made from traditional hand-woven wool. These earrings are Katerina’s signature design that has been chosen for photoshoots by world famous fashion photographers and stylists such as Mario Testino and Lucinda Chambers for the June ‘17 issue of English Vogue. This success continued as many of Katerina’s designs were featured in the pages and sites of famous magazines. Penelope Cruz, as guest editor for the April ‘19 issue of Spanish Vogue, chose one of Katerina’s designs for one of the covers.


Katerina has succeeded in making her mark on the fashion world with her theatrical jewelry.

Bold designs, clean lines, color combinations like we see in nature, with a touch of gold which has the ability to warmly embrace the beauty of the colors and bring it out. These are the key ideas that Katerina follows in every jewelry collection.


KM jewelry appeals to  confident, strong, independent women who want to stand out by choosing a piece of jewelry that tells a story through its bold unique handmade style and its delicate aesthetics! Adele, Sarah Paulson, Veronica Li, Anna Nooshin, Penelope Cruz, Jolin Chai, Susan Bender Whitfield, Jasmine Hemsley, Rosanna Falconer, Charlene Choi, Tatiana Korsakova, Blair Eadie, Gillian Chung and Aarika Lee are some of the ladies that choose Katerina Makriyianni Jewelry.